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  1. This arvo I accompanied Mum to a specialist appointment in Hamilton. We brought Nugget with us, so while she was being seen we spent a good 40 minutes walking up and down Beaumont st. Encountered at least fifteen adorable people who couldn’t resist giving him a pat.

    Randomly bumped into Peter Hore who absolutely fell for Nug - big animal lover. I haven’t properly met him before, and as it turns out he’s the easiest dude to talk to. He mentioned he’s going to the Courtney Love show tomorrow night, to get up to god knows what. Or maybe he just really enjoys her music.

    Mum met back up with us at Eurobar, where we had a delicious late lunch. I went with the pulled pork & slaw slider, which I couldn’t quite finish and Nugget benefited from. Once Mum polished off her coffee, we went for a drive and ended up visiting two different pet supply stores. Picked up a new background image for my aquarium and a heap of millet for the budgies/pigeon.

    I’ve been on a new medication this past week which has made me the most moody and miserable cow. So today was exactly what I needed, I was focusing on other things. And Nug’s smile makes me smile.

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  3. First ever invitation to a lovely mature dinner date shared with another couple. (read: Cessnock, home brewed 10000% rum, bonfire and bbq)

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    Here are some dogs enjoying Popsicles. 

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Amy Herzog by Ryan Pfluger


    Amy Herzog by Ryan Pfluger

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